How To Approach An Seo Strategy For A B2b Company?

Although it is a fact that the Internet in general and SEO, in particular, represent an excellent opportunity for companies, there are many B2B organizations, especially those that are part of more “traditional” sectors such as those of the industrial area, which are not yet aware of how SEO can help them. We have decided to create this article, which will undoubtedly be ideal for any B2B company that wants to enter the Internet to increase its visibility and thus be able to get more sales.

What are we going to talk about?

What is SEO

How to measure the results of an SEO strategy?

SEO Conclusion

What is SEO?

Let’s start at the beginning, for those who do not know what this SEO is about, the comment that SEO is an acronym in English of “Search Engine Optimization,” which translated into Spanish would be something similar to “Search engine optimization.” And this means? Well, roughly speaking, it’s basically about improving the content and the code of a web (SEO OnPage) so that search engines “understand” what the web is about and then get more mentions (links and social ratings) to be more popular (authority) than the competition and thus appear on the search engine result pages (SERP) above you for terms used by the target audience of the company.

How to measure the results of an SEO strategy?

There are still many web portals that do not have an installed analytical solution. Not having any is an unforgivable error especially if you are making efforts and dedicating resources to achieve specific objectives on the website. So before starting to work on SEO strategy actions, every company should make sure to install a web analytics tool and configure it well to measure the results.

But a web analytics tool is not useful if you do not know how to measure the efforts of everything that we have executed at the SEO level. The main KPIs on which we recommend to monitor regularly are:

Number of sessions

Number of micro and macro conversions (whether leads, sales, subscriptions to the newsletter, download a pdf, queries published by users)

Conversion percentage

Number of pages that bring SEO traffic

In addition to the KPIs that can be extracted thanks to web analytics tools, other quite important ones also need to be taken into consideration and that it is possible to obtain, for example, Semrush, Sistrix or Search Console. These are:

Number of keywords for which the project appears in search engines

Total number of referral links

Total number of referred domains

Number of pages indexed

Number of 404 errors

Of course, apart from the need to put all of these in context, there are many other important KPIs that could be studied, but we recommend taking them into account when you need to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the statistics.

The conclusion of the article

So far the post on SEO strategies for B2B companies, we hope that it has helped you and of course you have wanted to improve your visibility to reach new customers online.

To conclude to tell you that sometimes these terms can be somewhat strange and depending on the competition it may be more profitable to rely on a team of professionals.