5 Trends in SEO Industry in Current Pandemic Scenario

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has left the whole world baffled, leaving the digital channels the only mode of communication or business! This dramatic shift has impacted every industry and SEO is no exception.

Here are the 5 top trends in the SEO industry that you must follow to sustain and strengthen your feet into the market.


  • Content Creation Around COVID-19 


Well, this is one of the most significant SEO trends in the current pandemic situation, when most of your clients are glued to their smartphones! COVID-19 has impacted the way potential customers searched for the services.

Every service provider irrespective of the industry needs to create some content based on the need of the current situation!

For example, a travelling service may encounter a sudden growth in the queries like “How Do I Confirm my Ticket Cancellation”. Relevant content creation is a significant SEO trend during this pandemic.


  • Optimized Voice Searching


There are fair chances that people will interact with the virtual assistants available on their smartphones to search for stuff online. A brand has to be prepared to cater to the needs of the customers if they search using virtual assistants.

Some smart grocery delivery services have understood the importance of this SEO trend, and this way, they are getting more business while other service providers who aren’t coming up with the trend are lagging behind.


  • Improved Page Speed


COVID-19 has forced everyone to stay at home, and this has resulted in a massive increase in the online world! Everyone owns a smartphone these days, and this has made the internet even congested in the current situation.

Improved page speed has a plethora of benefits, including less bounce rates, and lower CPCs. Even giants like Amazon, YouTube have limited their content streaming video quality in order to fulfil the global demand by their users without fail.


  • Updating Store Closings, Store Hours and Information about Events


The governments across the globe are imposing special restrictions on the physical stores to contain the further spread of COVID-19. As the rules are changing every day, therefore it becomes even critical to maintain and update the store hours and event information on Google My Business to make sure that the customers find the crucial information on the go.

This SEO trend has encountered a drastic growth during this pandemic and is helping businesses in delivering their customers with accurate information.


  • Updated Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions 


Optimizing the voice search requires updated Meta keywords and Meta description, so it has become another trend during the pandemic.

Also, iming for long-tail keywords is helping the businesses in retaining their digital presence. Using more relevant keywords can increase the chances of the users clicking on them.

Wrap Up

A reliable seo reseller services can assist you in implementing these trends while helping you in retaining your online presence. Also, these trends are becoming the priorities every business needs in the current pandemic situation.